FunTouch OS, an overlay skin used by Vivo smartphones is looking for releasing the FunTouch OS 5.0 update version. The FunTouch OS 5.0 in the backdrop is based on Android P version which is not yet released officially.

  Here we go through FunTouch OS 5.0 Release Date, it features, and the list of eligible Phones to get the FunTouch OS 5.0 update. 5.0 will be the latest Vivo FunTouch OS version.

FunTouch OS 5.0 Update

  FunTouch OS 5.0 will arrive after the version 4.0 rollout gets completed. It's developed by Vivo and looks much alike the iOS. So you can call the Vivo smartphone near to iPhone alternatives and upcoming Vivo Nex could make it happen more with top bezel.

  FunTouch OS 5.0 Update is expected to include a number of features. Most of the features that come out of the box in the Android P version will be there and further Vivo Mobiles will include few more features to make it more impressive and worth flashing your phone with it.

  So, are you ready to upgrade/update your phone to FunTouch OS 5.0 version? Let's go through the FunTouch OS 5 features.

List of Eligible Phones

Vivo Android P update phones list

  We have already gone through Nokia Android P phones list and Samsung Android P eligible phones.

  A total of 10 smartphones are confirmed to get the Vivo Android Pie update. Here is the list of eligible phones get the FunTouchOS 5 update:

  • Vivo V11 Pro
  • Vivo Nex A
  • Vivo Nex S
  • Vivo V9
  • Vivo V9 Youth
  • Vivo V7
  • Vivo V7 Plus
  • Vivo X21
  • Vivo X21UD
  • Vivo X21i
  • Vivo V5s
  • Vivo Z1
  • Vivo Y83
  • Vivo Y71

  This list however happens to be an indicative list and it's not even official. This is based on the assumptions and previous Vivo software upgrade records.

  Once the FunTouch OS 5.0 roll-out is completed, the FunTouch OS 5.1 will be a minor upgrade bringing bug fixes before FunTouch OS 6.0 arrives in 2019.

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